In Unity There Is Strength

James O'Leary, Sgt at Arms

ConED Emerald Society

Father Kevin M. Malick, Chaplain

Monsignor Thomas Leonard, Chaplain Emeritus

Keith Lavallee Esq., Legal Counsel


                       Paul Jackman                                                   Bill Theis

                    Firefighters Emerald Society                                         Suffolk County Firefighers

                              Emerald Society                                                                        Emerald Society

                        Billy Nolan                                                     Peter McNally

                    FDNY Emerald Society                                                         NYC Board of Ed Emerald Society

                        Duke Bunce                                               Mike McCormick

                   Hudson Valley Police                                                                LA County Firefighters

                             Emerald Society                                                                            Emerald Society

2016-2017 Executive Board

Michael Pitcher, President

Nassau Police Emerald Society

Tommy O'Connor, 1st Vice President

Firefighters Emerald Society of Westchester

Peter Whalen, 2nd Vice President

NYPD Emerald Society

Brian J. Sharkey , 3rd Vice President

NYC Correction Department Emerald Society 

Steve Flynn, Treasurer

MaBSTOA Emerald Society

Martin Bellew, Recording Secretary

NYC Sanitation Emerald Society